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De nouvelles fonctionnalités ont fait leur apparition sur le site notamment avec le lancement du tout nouveau forum directement intégré au site ainsi qu'un nouveau système de commentaire.



Le tout nouveau forum est officiellement lancé. Il est désormais directement intégré au site web pes-soccer, ce qui n'était pas le cas jusque là.


Concernant l'ancien forum, il est encore actif mais sera désactivé courant Octobre voire Novembre au plus tard.


NB: A noter toutefois que le forum n'est pas complet 100%, attendez-vous à des ajustements etc... dans les jours / semaines à venir. N'hésitez pas sur le forum a nous faire remonter certains bugs. ;)



Dans les précédentes version du site, il y avait la possibilité de commenter les articles via le système disqus. Un nouveau système de commentaire directement intégré au site a été mise en place. N'hésitez pas a commenter l'actu PES via ce système.

Pour commenter, c'est très simple, vous devez IMPÉRATIVEMENT avoir un compte sur notre site et rendez-vous en bas de chaque article pour réagir.


N'hésitez plus et réagissez sans plus attendre à l'actualité PES. ;)



Il vous est désormais possible de créer un compte sur le site (la procédure est très rapide): https://www.pes-soccer.fr/creer-un-compte/ !

En créant un compte sur Pes-Soccer, vous aurez l'accès intégral au nouveau forum afin de réagir avec nous sur PES, mais pas que... Vous pourrez également commenter n'importe quel article du site mise en place en bas de chaque article.


A noter qu'un projet est à l'étude sur le site, plus d'infos prochainement.


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    InosesosisJJ - 10/10/2019 - 14:32

    Hello everyone on the forum :)

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    One-night passionate encounters are in vogue but recent studies show that female psychology does not resist them.
    One-night passionate encounters are in vogue but recent studies show that female psychology does not resist them.
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    "I sacrificed the best years of my life in the grip of casual sex," notes Dawn Eden, a former English groupie and current 40-year-old journalist, considered the Rock Bible, and rightly so. Since adolescence she became a feverish and deep connoisseur of this musical genre, and as a journalist she dedicated herself to the coverage of this theme that offered her an extra bonus, because she was very sexually attracted to rockers. Thus, for several years he embarked on the project of writing a book that described what their lives were like and, for that, necessarily, he had to accompany them on their long tours of the world. It was the perfect pretext for, after an interview or photo session, to engage with musicians of all ages, styles and colors, in sexual encounters of one or two nights.
    Like millions of young girls, I was born in a world that encouraged us to explore our sexuality. This was presented to us practically as a feminist act, Women are not made for that, but to create bonds. We are full of glasses and we need to fill them. As much as we try to convince ourselves that this is not the case, sex will always leave us empty if we are not convinced that we are loved, that the sexual act is part of a great picture in which not only our body is loved, but our whole be, ”he writes.
    After becoming aware of this and other realities of female sexuality, Dawn Eden then opted for chastity and denounced in his autobiography, recently published in London, what many young people between the ages of 20 and 30 practicing sporadic sex, in his opinion , they take to intuit. Influenced by a culture in which the one who does not have sex is not at all and by products such as the Sex and the City series, they believe that lust without a brake and with strangers is a ladder on the road to love or a form of Build your personality or simply a lifestyle that gives you the approval of your group. "It's a hoax that is hurting women, because it makes them vulnerable and unable to establish true intimate ties." Indeed, in her case, the trauma led her to a kind of sentimental limbo for many years, which prevented her from fulfilling the dream of getting married.
    The quarrels exposed by the author, despite the power of the trends, are not exclusive to her. This was shown by one of the most recent studies in this regard, conducted by the University of Durham, England, among 1,743 men and women who had sex one night. While 80 percent of them said they enjoyed the experience, only 54 percent of them found it satisfactory. In this group, there were few who confessed that they agreed to sleep with the unknown lover in the hope that the set would lead to an eventual courtship. In line with what Dawn Eden pointed out, Professor Anne Campbell, who led the research, stressed that "women, in the emotional field, have not yet adapted to this type of relationship." The interviewees, in addition, and weighed that sex before or outside of marriage ceased to be a reason for stigma for women years ago, expressed fear that such an encounter would affect their reputation. And not a few felt used, little appreciated by men and less satisfied, to the point that they didn't even reach orgasm.
    However, none of this indicates that causal sex is on the verge of the end and lives at its peak among those who are 26 years old. The Internet is full of millions of sites for that purpose, specialized in this segment of young adults, among which there is no longer talk of expanding the social social circle ', but the sexual sexual circle'. In fact, their and their objective in integrating into these networks is not to socialize, but to quench the excitement produced by that air of mystery surrounding the encounter with a stranger, as well as their content of rebellion. Casual sex, likewise, feeds on pleasure for pleasure, and is therefore more conducive to disinhibit in bed and fulfill those fantasies that a lover known or belonging to the same environment would not accept. And in the particular case of women, their own nature may be the cause of the impetus to go hunting a fortuitous lover. According to the study mentioned, during the ovulation phase your desire increases and with it casual sex. As Campbell argues, when women copulate with a man, they think, even for some time, often unconsciously, how he would be as the feasible father of his children.
    Anyway, casual sex is in fashion, but it is also bringing out your rags to the sun, as your responsibility in increasing unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases including HIV. In addition, it is a sign of the cool spirit among young professionals now, risk lovers, but also a proven cause of depression among them.
    Finally, a study conducted by a well-known brand of condoms, concluded that just as Norway is the country where sex is practiced one night, it is also the land of the least sexually satisfied people on the planet. And there is a good body of evidence to conclude that, at least among women, such frustration is not a coincidence.

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